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How can we help you today? Check the sectors we work in and see if we have a solution for you. We specialise in helping companies to refine and optimise the way they sell products and serve customers.

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With complex channels and product ranges, technology businesses need to manage data from a huge array of internal and external sources. True insight can be hard to find. We provide technology organisations with the data management platforms, outsourced analytics and forecast modelling they need to keep data under control and useful.



Four out of five UK businesses say they are facing a severe shortage of data science skills. Nowhere is this drought more apparent than in the financial sector. We help financial services companies plug the skills gap with experienced, talented operatives that are ready to slot straight into projects and deliver.

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The sport & leisure sector is diverse – on the one hand there is a big data challenge where fan bases and subsequent social interactions continue to grow and on the other a fluctuation in costs and changing tastes like few others. As data scientists and commercial data analysts, it’s also a challenge we like. We help organisations in the sport & leisure sector to analyse data from many sources (such as GA, Adobe, EPOS, CRM, Sentiment, Reviews and Loyalty data) to improve customer segmentation, optimise registrations and bookings and maximise profit.



Right now, retail is all about integrating data from online and offline sources to create an omni-channel view of the business and the customer. We help major retailers join up physical and digital data sources, optimise both traditional and online sales and make sure everyone in the business knows which point of the customer journey is having the most impact.

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How do we help a mature FMCG business with a long established analytical function? By helping them see differently. With our approach to demand forecasting and price elasticity modelling, we help FMCG companies to move away from long established routines. We also help them bring together data from the wider business, creating a holistic view and a platform for innovation that traditional departmental silos don’t allow.