Jarmany harness, analyse and model the sales, marketing and digital data within your business so you can make better decisions.

Our ethos is one of close partnership with our clients. We like to add value at every stage to help them understand what data and information their organisation needs and how they can make sure it drives change.

Our service is built around the 3 Ss (Structure, Sense and Science), more of which is below.

Services - StructureStructure

The starting block…

To get viable insight from your data it needs to be correctly collected and organised. Jarmany understand exactly how to get your data into a position where you can trust it. Discover the techniques that Jarmany use to provide Structure to your data –

Services - StructureSense

The visual element…

There’s a reason why dashboards are loved by management. They give you an at a glance window into your performance and enable successes and problems to be identified early and decisions made. Learn more as to the different programs we use to make Sense of your data –

Services - ScienceScience

The clever part…

You’ve got your data in an easy to understand and manageable format and have started to create visually stunning dashboards but what is your data actually telling you and how do you extract the value from this. Jarmany are experts in extracting the value from your data. Understand in more detail the techniques we use –