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Marketing analytics in this context is the performance measurement of your investments. Which channels, when, how long for, and who to are questions that we can help you visualise the answers to.

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Investment Performance

Marketers need to know how their investments are performing in order to determine where they are getting their ROI from. We can help in making sense of the data from multiple marketing channels and building visualisations that demonstrate effectiveness.

Attribution Modelling

Marketers want to know how effective their investments in different channels have been and how to attribute credit.

Attribution modelling is the process of determining how much credit for sales or conversions should go to different marketing channels. It’s used by marketers to assess the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Jarmany’s attribution modelling services can help you understand where your credits lie, so you can invest more in the most effective channels.

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Promotion Management

Global companies with multiple products and services are implementing global and local promotions, offers and claims on a continuous basis. We have designed an end to end process to manage this.

Field Force Optimisation

Which stores, what times, how often and what products and services are questions organisations ask all of the time when assessing how they show up in their retail partner stores. Building reporting suites with accurate data gives you the information you need.

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Econometric Modelling

Econometric modelling harnesses statistical analysis to discover how changes in activities are likely to affect sales and turnover.

For example, in marketing mix modelling (a subset of econometric modelling), we look at all marketing elements over time to arrive at an optimal allocation for each element. This can determine the right level of investment for each part of the marketing mix.

Jarmany harnesses the power of econometric modelling to get answers to vital questions of resource allocation. This will save money, get better, faster results, and make your business more profitable.

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