Nothing is unpredictable. That’s why we’re here. To help you predict needs, deliver efficiencies, drive growth and connect people. We apply the world's most advanced technology to your sales, marketing and operational data either through a fully managed outsourced service or specific programmes that support your internal capability.


Data Strategy

We work with you to develop outcome-driven insight programmes that help you build and measurably grow your business.

Data Platforms

We can tune existing technology or build from scratch. Truly agnostic, we draw from a diverse pool of infrastructure, platforms and tools to support your goals.

Data Science

Our data scientists build AI solutions using ML techniques to help plan today and predict tomorrow. And our team of commercial analysts dig deeper to find those critical insights.

Data People

Jarmany People cover a full range of capabilities from consultants and commercial data analysts to data platform architects, technicians and data scientists.




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Crumbs! What do I do when Cookies are phased out?

06 June 2022

Crumbs! What do I do when Cookies are phased out?

What does the phasing out of Cookies actually mean for the digital world and how is it going to impact users and advertisers? What’s driving this change and how do you future proof your tracking and targeting capabilities?

Data Visualisation Tools 2021

24 November 2021

Data Visualisation Tools 2021

Data viz tools transform “raw” data into graphs, charts, tables, lists and maps. They will also allow for reports to be created which can include narrative commentary supplied by data analysts.

How to Use Big Data Effectively

01 November 2021

How to Use Big Data Effectively

Everyone’s talking about big data and how important it is. But what is big data? And more importantly, how can you use big data to your advantage, to boost profits and become more data-driven and agile?