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How To Build A Data Strategy: The Framework To Success

We explain why a business without a well-defined data strategy could be missing out on a tonne of insights—and effectively holding back its growth.
6 Minute Read

What Is Power BI? And How Does It Work?

We explain why Microsoft’s Power BI is being more widely adopted than other business intelligence tools and how to get the most out of it.
7 Minute Read

Looker vs Tableau vs Power BI: Which is Best for You?

As data continues to become crucial to all sorts of businesses, the need to understand, analyse, visualise, and use data grows more imperative. In this blog, we’ll look at Looker, Power BI and Tableau — the three leading power BI and data visualisation tools — to help decide which is best for you.
7 Minute Read

How Data Visualisation Can Improve Your Decision Making

Why do tech giants spend millions on implementing a cohesive data strategy within their business? This article explains all!
6 Minute Read

6 Ways Third-Party Data Can Benefit Your Business

Third-party data is becoming increasingly important in today’s data-driven world, especially with businesses set to lose valuable insights from the diminishing of third-party cookies, forcing them to look for alternative methods of gaining these granular insights.
4 Minute Read

Google Analytics 4 Guide: What You Need to Know

Like it or not, Universal Analytics (UA) is on the way out. With a sunset date of 1 July 2023, the current version of Google’s flagship analytics platform will say farewell, ushering in the dawn of a new era defined by Google’s fourth iteration: Google Analytics 4, or GA4.
9 Minute Read

Looker Data Visualisation: A Complete Guide

To harness the power of data, it needs to be understandable. In our digitised world, data is the key to unlocking deeper levels of understanding about the factors that drive business success. But data can be complicated — especially for large organisations that collect a vast amount across multiple channels.
8 Minute Read

Our Top 5 Predictions for 2023

It is predicted that worldwide tech spend is due to increase by 5.1% in 2023, bringing total spend to over $4.6 trillion. Amongst other factors, this is largely driven by businesses striving for digital transformation and investing in new technologies to help drive organisational efficiency.
5 Minute Read

Best Practices for Data Modelling in Qlik

Data modelling is a complicated process. But to make the most of your data and powerful platforms like Qlik, effective data modelling is critical. Without a solid understanding of Qlik data model best practices, however, you could put unnecessary strain on the platform — and never truly unlock the insights in your data.
8 Minute Read

Why First Party Data Should Be Your First Priority

The sunsetting of third-party cookies has shaken up the marketing and advertising industry. In this blog we’re going to discuss how first party data could be the solution.
4 Minute Read

9 Advantages of Using Tableau

Every business generates data, but only the smartest ones leverage it to understand what’s really going on in their business and make smarter decisions.
6 Minute Read

4 Ways You Can Use Data to Enhance Your ABM Strategy

Calling all marketeers. We recently attended the Global Account Based Marketing Conference in London, and it got us thinking about all the ways data can help to enhance your ABM strategy. Find out more below…
3 Minute Read

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