We help businesses drive growth by delivering data analytics & AI solutions that matter

Nothing is unpredictable. That’s why we’re here. To help you predict needs, deliver efficiencies, drive growth and connect people.

Part Science, Part Art

We understand that machines will never provide all the answers. We work together – you, us and the incredible computing power now available – to build something meaningful that can have real impact.

Why Choose Ipsos Jarmany

Candid advice & expertise

We’ll listen to your challenges, but we’ll be honest with you about what you need rather than what you might want.

One Source Of The Truth

Analytics only matters if you can trust your data. We'll hit the ground running so you can have confidence in your insights straight away.

Using the right tech

Building solutions that your people want to use and make a difference to them is always at the forefront of our mind.

Test And Learn Approach

As a principle we believe in delivering something early in the process that we both can test and learn from and that can evolve into the right solution.

Driving Outcomes

Ultimately anything we build needs to deliver tangible benefits, which is why we’re focussed on driving impact and delivering results.

Technology Agnostic

We can work with your preferred technologies or have us recommend the right tools for the job.

Our Technical Capabilities

Our technical capabilities span five core areas. Get in contact today if you’d like us to help you establish which area matches your needs.

  • Data Strategy
    We work with you to develop outcome-driven insight programmes that help you build and measurably grow your business.
  • Data Science & AI
    Our data scientists build AI solutions using ML techniques to help plan today and predict tomorrow. And our team of commercial analysts dig deeper to find those critical insights.
  • Data Platforms
    We can tune existing technology or build from scratch. Truly agnostic, we draw from a diverse pool of infrastructure, platforms and tools to support your goals.
  • Data Visualisation
    We are technology agnostic and experts in a wide range of tools, such as Power BI, that can help you better visualise your data. We provide the knowledge and experience you need to implement and utilise sophisticated data visualisation tools, so you can quickly reap the benefits of these solutions without the need for any training or prior experience.
  • Data People
    From data analysts to data scientists to solution architects to program managers, we regularly supply our customers across a wide range of sectors with the people and teams they need to crunch the numbers, build the right platform and get the project done.

We are trusted by…

Ipsos Jarmany have become an essential data analytics partner for us. They have a very talented team who have been able to quickly understand both the technical requirements and the business context of what we need.

Gianni Raftis

Head of Data Products & Strategy

And, We Deliver true business value

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What you can expect

  • An initial call to establish your requirements
  • A demo to provide you with real-life experience of our work
  • A data audit of your current processes and data cleanliness
  • A proposal detailing how Jarmany can support your business