Nothing is unpredictable. That’s why we’re here. To help you predict needs, deliver efficiencies, drive growth and connect people. We apply the world's most advanced technology to your sales, marketing and operational data either through a fully managed outsourced service or specific programmes that support your internal capability.


Data Strategy

We work with you to develop outcome-driven insight programmes that help you build and measurably grow your business.

Data Platforms

We can tune existing technology or build from scratch. Truly agnostic, we draw from a diverse pool of infrastructure, platforms and tools to support your goals.

Data Science

Our data scientists build AI solutions using ML techniques to help plan today and predict tomorrow. And our team of commercial analysts dig deeper to find those critical insights.

Data People

Jarmany People cover a full range of capabilities from consultants and commercial data analysts to data platform architects, technicians and data scientists.




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The Rise of Data Visualisation

12 May 2021

The Rise of Data Visualisation

How best to visualise an ever growing influx of business information? Senior Analyst Kiran Shirdhar looks at the benefits of Power BI.

Visual impairment

01 April 2021

Visual impairment

We’re on the verge of a blindness epidemic – AI could come to its rescue.

Women in data

28 March 2021

Women in data

Increasing the diversity within a company means new opinions, the challenging of ideas and often a better outcome.

Can analytics change the way we play sport?

07 September 2020

Can analytics change the way we play sport?

Whether it be the recruitment of players, the management of the team or developing young prospects, data analytics offers a base for understanding sports at a greater level.

What is data analytics? 5 things you need to know

19 August 2019

What is data analytics? 5 things you need to know

It’s the 21 century and everyone is talking about the big data explosion and that data is the new oil. But this data needs to be stored and analysed. Take a bow data analytics!