Jarmany People

Jarmany was founded in 2008 with a clear vision to give organisations greater clarity and real business benefits from their data. And it’s our people, more than just technology, that make the difference.

What makes a Jarmany person?

We recruit data scientists who are also commercially savvy, which means you get the perfect balance of skills within the team. Jarmany people are enterprising, energetic and focused on establishing what matters. We are also real human beings who believe in the collective effort of a team. We are people that like to learn and like to pass on those learnings in a way that is shared rather than preached. We are surrounded by talented people who learn from each other and stand by each other. We have a genuine appetite to strive to be better at what we do and the way we do it.

What do we look for?

We look for people with smart technical and business skills, people who of course have a passion for numbers and what can be achieved with them. We’re also after those with curiosity, integrity (that’s a big one!) and real team players. And it won’t come as much of a surprise that an almost obsessive attention to detail is high up on our list. Just some of the qualities you’ll see in our people. Oh, and a healthy sense of humour. That’s got to be essential anywhere in life, hasn’t it?

What you get

Will we change the way you work? Just maybe. At the very least expect a team 100% focused on your needs, with strong leadership whose execution is relentless. You’ll also get a fresh set of eyes with the ability to see your business, understand where the efficiencies are and where the real opportunities exist. If that’s what you need, that’s what we can give you.