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Want to harness the power of data to make better informed business decisions, but find the process more complicated than you expected? Our resources are designed to help you every step of the way.

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How To Ace Omnichannel Analytics

Read our ebook to find out about the data options and analytics techniques you should be using to gain a true and holistic understanding of your omnichannel performance.

Selecting the right data analytics agency can be a critical decision for companies, and one that demands careful deliberation. Read about the 12 factors you need to consider here…

The existence of data itself doesn’t benefit businesses – it’s what analytics does with that data that counts. Find out more in our latest eBook.

As the world returns to normality, consumer’s shopping preferences have changed permanently. Discover how you can stay ahead of the game…

Negative experiences with a brand’s website can cause individuals to question future engagement. Read our 4-step process for what to do about it.

Time to get rid of the smoke and mirrors! In this report we lay out 9 simple steps you should take to make more of the data goldmine your organisation is sitting on.

Whilst many companies are successfully gathering a multitude of data, when it comes to generating insights and action, why do so many organisations fall short?

This report examines why retail is struggling, what companies must do to ensure survival and why data is a key factor to unlocking business potential.

Understand how to get started with AI, how you can combine AI and your people, how you can implement an AI solution, and what the benefits could be for you.

Based on a series of webinars, hosted by Freedman Int., we discuss how you can apply your marketing approach to the conditions of the pandemic.

Understanding your data and what it can do for your business is now a critical component of any successful business. Here we look at the 7 key trends for 2020.

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