A team fit for purpose

Following a change in the law, this global technology company needed a new outsourced analytics team fast. We delivered a team of data scientists, analysts and database administrators under our managed services model.

Data people

The Challenge

Following changes in legislation on employing contractors, our client changed its global HR policy and needed to replace its existing team of sales and operations analysts, most of whom were disconnected individual contractors.

The new team had to be just that: a team.  It needed to be able to get up to speed quickly, manage the existing data infrastructure and provide reporting and dashboards. The team also had to build operational business models, deliver insights and fulfil the client’s desire to review and improve the quality of the analytical deliverables. Naturally, we were ready for the challenge.

Our Solution

We quickly built the client a new team under our managed services model that fulfilled the company’s new HR policy requirements. The team was well balanced, consisting of data scientists, analysts and database administrators. To facilitate a close working relationship, we immediately based ourselves onsite two days a week. The first step was to on board the existing business-as-usual processes and ensure business continuity at a critical time of the financial year. 

At the same time, we got busy establishing greater process automation to improve the service going forward.  Once that process improvement was complete, the team had capacity to focus on generating value added insights.

Last but not least, the client wanted to be able to flex the size of the team during the course of the year to meet spikes in demand.  We were able to help with that too, temporarily seconding additional resource from the Ipsos Jarmany Central Capability Team whenever it was needed.

Our Impact

By moving to an Ipsos Jarmany outsourced model, the client has benefitted from having a coordinated and balanced team rather than relying on a group of unconnected contractors.  It also no longer has to worry about recruitment, training and business continuity. All this is now Ipsos Jarmany’s responsibility.

Most importantly, moving to this model has speeded up the delivery of key sales and business analytics, improving both the breadth and accuracy of the business’s internal reporting.  And the icing on the cake? By freeing up resources through automation, we’ve also been able to create  improved levels of reporting and insights that the client simply couldn’t deliver before.


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