Building a reporting framework from the ground up

Our client, a global events organisation, had huge amounts of disparate data and no centralised system to store, clean or analyse this data. They were struggling to generate data-driven insights which could guide the decisions from the C-suite and investors. We built a ‘one stop shop’ solution using Microsoft Azure and Power BI, transforming the way they were able to report.

The Challenge

A global events organisation was struggling with large amount of disparate data, from event attendee and exhibitor information to marketing activity, customer satisfaction and sponsorship data. They had no centralised system or infrastructure in place to store, clean or analyse their data and so were unable to generate data-driven insights that could be leveraged by the C-suite and investors.


Our Solution

Our solution involved building a ‘one-stop shop’ for all the clients data using Azure Synapse. We used the extract, transform, load (ETL) technique to integrate and pull data from the numerous sources in to one consolidated platform, therefore allowing us to cleanse and standardise the data so it was in a more consistent format which could be used to report on. Further to this, we then leveraged Microsoft Power BI to transform the data into an interactive dashboard which presented key insights and performance metrics based on KPIs that were important to the stakeholders from across the business.


Our Impact

This solution transformed the way the client was able to report, generating granular insights and metrics which historically had not existed. Alongside this, the process enabled them to benefit from automated insights in a timelier manner which improved team efficiency and reduced the need for additional resource.



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