Developing an AI-enabled chatbot to improve team productivity

A multinational consumer technology corporation was looking for a solution to increase the productivity of their business sales operations unit. They were experiencing vast amounts of queries from numerous internal stakeholders and needed to streamline this process and enable other teams to self-serve. We created an AI-enabled chatbot which has already resulted in a 30% reduction in queries.

The Challenge

Our client, a multinational consumer technology corporation, were looking for a solution which increased the productivity of the business sales operations (BSO) unit. The BSO team were faced with countless queries from field teams, account managers and other internal stakeholders, on a wide range of topics from compliance queries to invoice issues; they needed to know a little bit about a lot of things. It was therefore essential to find a solution which would help the BSO team answer queries more efficiently whilst also empowering other stakeholders to self-serve the information.


Our Solution

The Ipsos Jarmany team conducted an initial exploration to establish common query themes and regularly repeated questions. The team then collated this data into a central repository of knowledge, documenting queries, answers and processes which would ultimately feed into ‘George The Chatbot’. Hosted on Microsoft Teams, and leveraging technologies such as Power Automate, Power App Flows and Copilot Studio, the chatbot allowed stakeholders to self-serve the information they required, bypassing the BSO team and therefore freeing up their time to focus on other more valuable tasks. To ensure the chatbot was a forward-looking solution, the Ipsos team built it to be AI-enabled with a plan to implement large language models (LLM) or Azure AI studio in the future. As ‘George’ gets fed information from a live repository, it’s an ever-evolving solution which will continue to advance and gain increased internal adoption.

Our Impact

The adoption of ‘George The Chatbot’ has been exponential across EMEA, and as a result the BSO team have seen a 30% reduction in queries. They have benefitted by having a repository of knowledge that did not previously exist, and has enabled standardised processes and responses, using the Chatbot as the output. George is also able to interact with other datasets, such as Power BI reports, enabling enhanced interactivity and a twoway flow of information.


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