Driving online sales

This major technology manufacturer and retailer asked us to help improve its online retail proposition and site conversion across Europe using data and insights to drive a better customer experience.

The Challenge

Our client needed to rapidly improve a fragmented and sub-optimised online retail offering to meet challenging targets set by its corporate HQ. The current online shop had evolved over time and sat uncomfortably alongside an online brand site, making the consumer journey confusing, slow and awkward.

The good news was that the client had recently invested significantly in site infrastructure and analytics tools like Adobe Marketing Cloud and Clicktale. This presented us with a great opportunity to maximise the ROI from these investments and improve customers’ online journey through structured insights and recommendations.

Our Solution

The brief was complex and wide ranging, so we created a dedicated, multi-skilled team that included a database expert, a data scientist, a digital tools specialist and a commercial insight analyst. 

Our first task was to ensure the online shop had been tagged and set up in a way that would enable the analysis and insights to be pulled through.  Where there were gaps, we highlighted what needed to change and how the site should be governed.

We then had to ensure we were capturing the multi-source data in a way that would enable effective analysis and investigation of performance. We pulled together data on different markets from multiple sources that ranged from Adobe Analytics and click tracking software to sales and stock data.

With the data set up correctly, we investigated digital marketing channel performance, site engagement and conversion rates. We worked with the local client teams to develop hypotheses and identify further investigation routes.  With access to data for multiple markets across Europe, we benchmarked performance and analysed relative strengths and weaknesses to deliver recommendations for improvements.

Our Impact

Our analysis and insights had immediate impact.  The client saw where best practice existed and shared it across other markets. It identified site issues and where the online shopping experience needed improving. The overall result was a significant uplift in both engagement and conversion.

To make sure the benefits lasted, we also set up a process of continual ‘test and improvement’ to optimise marketing investment, streamline consumer journeys and ultimately increase conversion and sales performance.


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