Filling the Skills Gap

We’re supporting the UK business of one of the world’s largest international banks, providing it with a skilled analytical resource to navigate the complexities of Brexit.

Graduate scheme

The Challenge

Right now, all UK-based financial institutions face challenges and uncertainty before the UK’s impending exit from the European Union. It’s essential that they understand and plan for the impact Brexit will have on them and their customers. For our client, this situation highlighted a skills gap it needed to close rapidly.

Our Solution

We listened closely to the customer and identified the skills and resources required. We then put forward several people from our Central Capability Team that could meet the client’s needs, providing a real choice of individuals.  The client was then able to interview a varied selection of potential candidates to find the best fit for its team.

Once the selection process was complete, our client was able to count on experienced Ipsos Jarmany people with the right balance of technical and commercial skills.  Our analysts then quickly embedded themselves in the client’s existing data team, ready to help overcome the challenges of Brexit.

Our Impact

By partnering with Ipsos Jarmany, our client expanded and upskilled its existing data team quickly and efficiently. The impact of the new injection of skills was immediate. For example, by working with its internal systems, and liaising with its various internal departments including legal and tax, our analysts quickly identified which of the banks customers will be impacted most by Brexit and will benefit by being transferred to new European legal entities.

Whenever Ipsos Jarmany people are embedded like this, they can (and often do) tap in to the wider knowledge of the Ipsos Jarmany organisation whenever it’s needed. Going forward, this is putting our client in the best possible position to find further solutions to Brexit challenges as they unfold.


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