Reinventing data management with a future measurement framework

Our client was seeing significant shifts in consumer habits and a rapidly evolving data landscape; it was essential for them to adapt to this dynamic market in order to remain competitive. To circumnavigate these challenges, we created a solution which involved utilising multiple rich data sources, developing a change management programme and delivering a single source of insights through an interactive dashboard.

The Challenge

A global consumer goods company needed to reinvent their data management to help provide enhanced insights which could aid decision-making and deliver impact. They were seeing significant shifts in consumer habits and a rapidly evolving data landscape; requiring them to remain agile and adapt to these changing conditions. It was imperative that they leveraged multiple data sources to be more accurate and efficient with decision-making.

Our Solution

To circumnavigate these challenges, the Ipsos Jarmany team provided a solution which involved sourcing and utilising multiple rich data sources, including consumer trackers, campaign, social, search and eCommerce data, as well as data from third-party sources. Using this information, we could then align it with multi-category business needs and KPIs, and deliver a single source of insights, with more reliable data, through an interactive dashboard. Furthermore, this solution allows us to identify, prioritise and improve data gaps. Our solution also included conducting a cohesive ongoing change management programme so the future measurement framework could remain agile and be adjusted where necessary. 

We took a future-back strategic approach whereby we would work with the client to envision their desired future state and then work backwards to achieve it. This encourages innovation and renovation by focusing on future trends and needs.


Our Impact

This solution allows the client to store, manage and use consumer data to deliver better answers to key business questions in a timelyagile and efficient way. By having an accessible central source of information, it is facilitating the democratisation of data and insights which will ultimately better guide improved commercial decision-making.



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