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The AI opportunity

Jarmany has built a leading team of data analysts and data scientists that can build you custom AI solutions using machine learning techniques. For a chat with one of our consultants please get in touch.

AI is set to become a $15.7 trillion industry by 2030 so now is the time for organisations to start experimenting in different parts of their business.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we are well equipped to take you on the AI journey and deliver the real and tangible benefits.


Most companies today collect vast amounts of data. It pours in from CRMs, point-of-sale, logistics, warehousing systems, websites, apps, spreadsheets, emails and numerous other sources. Often, companies know the data exists but don’t know how to harness its power to inform business decisions. Data science is the art of building complex models that connect this data and generate positive outcomes.

At Jarmany, our data science consultants have an in-depth knowledge of how to use scientific methods to build statistical models which enable our clients to solve real business problems. 

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The great power of data science is to create predictability and even stability within your business. This is never more appropriate than in a world like now where unplanned events such as viruses and political upheaval can throw even the best-run systems into uncharted waters.


Machine learning

Machine learning builds predictive models using algorithms which learn from a set of training data. Once a model is initially developed you can then run vast amounts of data through it without the need for further human intervention.

Machine learning models are extremely dynamic, they constantly evolve and become increasingly more accurate as they are exposed to more data.

Propensity modelling

Propensity modelling is a form of machine learning which is used to predict customer behaviour. This process involves using data mining techniques to extract features from the data. These features are used to determine the dimensions for the algorithm and through a phase of evaluating algorithms to find the most effective solution which then becomes the basis of the propensity model. Using this model, you are able to better understand customer behaviour and predict customer decision making. In turn this enables you make smarter business decisions such as allocating resources to the most profitable group of customers.


We have a data science team which is highly skilled in the disciplines needed for data mining, programming algorithms, and building AI models.

Our team includes data strategists, who work closely with you from the outset to understand your business and the questions that need answering.

Programmers who can create the software and AI models needed to answer your business questions and conduct predictive analysis.

And insight consultants who communicate the insights and predictions back to the stakeholders to help them make the right decisions for today and tomorrow.

The Jarmany team has expert, qualified technicians skilled in Microsoft Azure, Python, and R.


We work with you to develop outcome-driven insight programmes that help you build and measurably grow your business.

We can tune existing technology or build from scratch. Truly agnostic, we draw from a diverse pool of infrastructure, platforms and tools to support your goals.
Our data scientists build AI solutions using ML techniques to help plan today and predict tomorrow. And our team of commercial analysts dig deeper to find those critical insights.
Jarmany People cover a full range of capabilities from consultants and commercial data analysts to data platform architects, technicians and data scientists.

Providing the sharpest data consultancy team in the UK to advice on your data strategy.

Crunching your data and providing beautiful, usable visualisations that will help you drive your business forward using data-driven decision-making.



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