Adobe Analytics Consultancy

At Jarmany we help organisations use Adobe Analytics to turn vast streams of digital data into insights that everyone can act on.

What is Adobe Analytics?

With Adobe Analytics you can collect and process data from nearly any source — online and off-line — so you can have a complete picture of your customers and analyse their behaviour across the entire journey. You can prove ROI through customer attribution, anomaly detection and cohort analysis allowing you to make better marketing investments.

How Adobe Analytics can help your business

For most businesses, the website is still the central hub via which they interact with their audiences. As such analysing user experiences and behaviour is central to understanding how customers interact with your brand. Adobe Analytics is the leading tool to give you these insights. 

Multiple data sources
Bringing together data from multiple sources can drastically improve insights. Adobe Analytics can co-analyse data from web, apps, CRM systems, call centres and even TV and voice assistants. 

What's more, Adobe Analytics easy to use custom reports can slice and dice the data any way that suits your business.

Predicting the future
Adobe's market-leading AI and machine learning can detect trends and predict the future easily. 

Cross-channel attribution
One of the hardest problems to crack is following the customer as they zig-zag between paid ads, organic search and social media channels. Analytics can help understand the customer journey and see which channels contributed the most value to the buying journey. 


We’ve had significant experience using Adobe Analytics with a number of our clients to support both CRO and UX analytics strategies. We start by categorising data into buckets that are aligned to business strategies. We then correlate this with how they are converting and prioritise accordingly. We then set benchmarks and targets to achieve the required business improvement. Finally, we measure using A/B testing to see true performance.


With Jarmany on your team you are closer than ever to understanding your business with Adobe Analytics. 

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