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Big Query is Google’s answer to the problem of storing and querying big data. With Jarmany as your expert partner, you can leverage the same technological power that drives Google’s most famous products and services.

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Big Query is a cloud data platform from Google designed to enable storage of huge datasets (gigabytes to petabytes of data) using familiar SQL queries at incredible speeds.

Analysis shows that using Google Big Query can result in cost-savings of up to 33% over the lifetime of the project.

Because Google Big Query is cloud-based, you no longer need to worry about acquiring, hosting and managing database servers.

What’s more Big Query is designed to improve decision-making speeds and bring predictive capabilities to your data quickly and easily.

Big Query works alongside popular data visualisation tools such as Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI and others.


Companies are turning to Big Query for several key reasons. 

Cost-saving: statistically customers tend to save 25%-34% on the total cost of ownership over managing their own data stores. 

Serverless: companies with legacy data warehouses located on-premises or in data centres will appreciate the move to the cloud. Migration to the Big Query is easy using the Data Transfer service. 

Speed: Google is famous for blazing-fast speeds and Big Query has Google’s fast technology baked in.

Time-to-value: because Big Query is built around well-known technologies including standard SQL and because it exposes easy-to-use API endpoints, your up-and-running time is fast. 

Interoperability: Big Query is compatible with distributed data sets and can merge and query data from disparate sources seamlessly

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Jarmany has built one of the leading Big Query teams in the UK. 

We start by meeting with your main stakeholders. Our consultants will lift the lid on how your data is currently sources, managed and used.

We’ll then examine how to consolidate, migrate the data to Big Query (if necessary), keep your data clean and secure and how to integrate Big Query with your current processes and systems.

What’s more we are platform-agnostic so as well as building your Big Query solution, we can integrate with other major cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Quite simply Jarmany is one of the leading Big Query agencies. We’re ready to start work on your big data project now. 


With Jarmany on your team you are closer than ever to conquering your data and services with Google Big Query.

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