Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is the art and science of finding ways to get more customers over the line and increase their number of purchases and lifetime value. At Ipsos Jarmany we are experts in the field of conversion rate optimisation.

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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Successful new businesses tend to experience step-change growth during their first years. But after that, things can plateau. In addition to driving exponential growth, businesses at this stage need to focus on incremental improvements in many areas. Many small changes add up to significant improvements across the business.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of finding ways to incrementally increase conversions on websites and apps. 

Customers are curious, demanding and impatient. Negative experiences with a brand’s website causes individuals to question the degree to which they are prepared to interact.

CRO initiatives can and should respond to this. It is often difficult to know what pain points exist, how far they extend and in what order to tackle them. Our CRO process ensures that the approach to fix these is data informed and value driven.

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How Conversion Rate Optimisation Can Help Your Business

Whilst businesses are continually striving for large growth, at the same time they must focus on improving existing processes. 

We analyse where customers are dropping out of the purchase journey on your website or app. Addressing confusing customer journeys or unclear funnels can significantly increase the number of sales and signups. 

Usually, we can identify multiple points of optimisation which, taken together, can deliver bottom-line improvements to your business. 

Our 4-Step Process To Deliver a CRO Strategy


We start by aggregating the large pool of data into buckets in line with business priorities to determine traffic and the relationship between the data points. Common segments are:

  • Product categories
  • Site sections
  • Audiences
  • Marketing channels
  • User behaviour


Benchmarks, KPIs and targets underpin our approach. Once we understand the relationship between categories and conversion, we then set benchmarks and targets to achieve business improvement. Benchmark examples:

  • Business objectives
  • Conversion funnel behaviour
  • Bounce rate
  • Content interaction


With clear categories defined and their performance established using benchmarks and business targets, prioritisation no longer needs to be guessed. This also helps to foster a culture of accountability & continuous improvement, as teams have a clear understanding of the criteria against which their performance will be evaluated.


Finally, we analyse how the KPIs performed against the set targets. “Before and after” analysis is always better than no analysis, however, we would always recommend utilising A/B testing tools. This allows us to pinpoint where the change has come from. 

We also apply our expertise of using tools, such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, to deliver this strategy.

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