Ecommerce Intelligence Demo

Our eCommerce intelligence demo is designed to be a single source of truth that manages all your eCommerce performance data in one sleek easy-to-use dashboard.

It’s a tool that will give you full confidence in your data whilst allowing you and your teams to more easily see and track your eCommerce performance so you can drive growth.

Get a Clearer Understanding of 

your performance

This demo has been designed with eCommerce performance in mind, allowing you to easily track your traffic performance, sales, purchase behaviour and content performance. We think it’s critical to always have your main KPIs front of mind, so this dashboard has been built with all the information laddering up to these main goals, whilst also giving you the ability to segment by timeframe, location, product category and order value.

Ready To Get Started?

The eCommerce intelligence dashboard has been designed to demonstrate what is possible with the right tools in place to seamlessly keep track of your eCommerce performance, however it can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Let’s connect to find out exactly what you need.

What you can expect:

  • An initial call to establish your requirements
  • A walk-through of this demo to provide you with real-life experience of our work
  • A data audit of your current processes and data cleanliness
  • A proposal detailing how Ipsos Jarmany can support your business

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