Google Cloud Consultancy

Google Cloud is Google's own suite of cloud-based services. Migrating to the cloud has never been faster or easier. At Jarmany we partner with businesses to help them get the most from Google Cloud services including data management, application development and deployment, security and resilience.

What is Google Cloud?

The Google Cloud platform is a suite of cloud-based services that can help your business save money, time, increase your security and reduce your commitment to in-house IT staff.

The pay-as-you-go model and ability to easily switch services on and off means you can control your costs much more accurately as you only pay for what you actually use. 

How Google Cloud can help your business

World-class data platform
If your business stores any kind of data Google Cloud can provide a remote solution that removes the need to lease and manage servers. Google Cloud SQL is the perfect solution for smaller datasets. Or for massive datasets, businesses can leverage the same technology that drives Google's own search services. 

Save money
Since Google Cloud services are pay-as-you-go and metered by the second, it's easy to stay in control of costs. 

Increase security
Once you are migrated to the cloud, many security elements are delegated to Google. Security and compliance becomes easier as you no longer need to rely on in-house or outsourced security experts.

Google's services are renowned for exceptional speed. You'll experience incredible uptime and speed using Google Cloud services. 

Easy migration and deployments
Using Google Cloud services such as Kubernetes it's easy to move to the cloud and easy to deploy multi-faceted applications. 

Google Big Query Agency UKGOOGLE BIG QUERY

Big Query is a cloud data platform from Google designed to enable storage of huge datasets (gigabytes to petabytes of data) using familiar SQL queries at incredible speeds.

Because Google Big Query is cloud-based, you no longer need to worry about acquiring, hosting and managing database servers. 

What's more Big Query is designed to improve decision-making speeds and bring predictive capabilities to your data quickly and easily. 

Big Query works alongside popular data visualisation tools such as Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI and others. 

The Google Cloud agency team

With experts specialising in development, deployment, migration and security, we can help your business move to the cloud quickly and with minimum disruption. 

Our first task is to understand your current business processes and map these onto Google Cloud services. Then we'll draw up a roadmap for migration and help you get the best from Google Cloud now and in the future. 

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