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At Ipsos Jarmany, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge Google Cloud consultancy services for our customers. We partner with businesses to help them get the most from Google Cloud and its suite of cloud-based services.

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What is Google Cloud?

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) consists of a suite of high-level cloud-based services that help your business save money and time. It can work to increase security and reduce the resources you dictate to in-house IT staff.

With Google Cloud, you can benefit from a cost-effective pay-as-you-go model and the ability to easily switch services on and off. As a result, you can accurately control your costs as you only pay for what you use.

BigQuery is Google’s cloud data platform that enables the interrogation of enormous sets of data using familiar SQL queries at incredible speeds. BigQuery allows you to:

  • Eliminate costs associated with acquiring, hiring and managing database servers
  • Improve decision-making by bringing predictive capabilities to your data
  • Work alongside popular data visualisation tools like Looker Data Studio, Power BI and more

How Google Cloud Platform Can Help

Your Business

As one of the most popular cloud computing providers, and utilised by some of the world’s largest businesses, GCP can offer your business a range of desirable benefits, including:

A World-class Data Platform

Google Cloud provides remote storage that removes the need to lease and manage servers. Google Cloud SQL is ideal for smaller data sets, whereas businesses can leverage technology that drives Google’s own search services for big data sets.

Save time and money

With Google Cloud services, you can benefit from a pay-as-you-go model that is metered by the second. As a result, it’s easier to stay in control of costs and allocate your resources to other critical business processes.

Increased Security

Once migration to the cloud is complete, many crucial security elements are delegated to Google. Security and compliance therefore become much easier to handle, as you no longer have to rely on in-house or outsourced security tools or experts.

Enhanced Speed

Almost all of Google’s services have gained a reputation for providing customers with exceptional levels of speed. So with Google Cloud services, you can expect to benefit from the incredible and consistent uptime and speed that business needs.

Easy Deployment

By using Google Cloud services such as Kubernetes, it’s much easier to move the cloud quickly and effectively. On top of that, you can also easily deploy multi-faceted applications that can help to endure successful cloud projects.

Remote access

Using Google’s numerous sophisticated web apps, you can easily access all of the data you want anywhere in the world at any time. This enhanced level of access facilitates smooth project collaboration that contributes toward improved outcomes.

Our Google Cloud Platform
Consultancy Process

At Ipsos Jarmany, our teams includes experts in development, migration and security who can help you move to the cloud quickly with minimum disruption.

First, we work with you to understand your current business processes before we map these onto Google Cloud services. After that, we’ll draw up a roadmap for migration and help you get the best from Google Cloud, both now and in the future,

Our flexible approach to GCP consultancy enables us to provide the right service that fits your business. Our support includes:

  • Data warehousing with BigQuery
  • Data integration with Cloud Data Fusion
  • Data cleansing & preparation with Dataprep

Working with Ipsos Jarmany

As experienced Google Cloud consultants, we understand that it’s not just about what we can help you
with — it’s about how we provide that help.

One source of truth

We lift the lid on how your data is sourced, managed and used, and bring your data together in one place.

Tailored advice

Every business is different. We listen to your challenges and your needs to understand the best solution for you.


We’re focused on delivering real results and outcomes, and we will hit the ground running from day one.

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