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We help your teams quickly overcome any bottlenecks they experience using Looker BI. Bring clarity to your data, teams, and decisions.

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Faster insights & better decisions
with Ipsos Jarmany’s Looker consulting

As data analytics consultants, we provide the knowledge and experience you need to utilise sophisticated data visualisation tools like Looker. We work with you to ensure your business can benefit from the full functionality Looker has to offer.

What is Looker?

Looker BI is a collaborative browser-based business intelligence tool that helps businesses visualise data insights.

Looker enables anyone in your business to uncover rich meaningful insights quickly. Even when dealing with high volumes of data across many disparate sources.

As part of Google Cloud, Looker seamlessly connects with all Google data products including BigQuery – which makes for superior performance, loading, and data manageability.

In addition, Looker connects with over 50 other databases, including: Microsoft Azure SQL, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and more.

Looker is a superb visualization tool that rivals Power BI and Tableau. Our customers love Looker because of its superb capability to store and manipulate data. Looker · 2022
Looker consultancy
What is Power BI? visual

What you can expect from working with us…

Get access to our expert team of data scientists and analysts. They will help you get the most out of your data with Looker BI. And keep any training quick, specific, and valuable. Other benefits include:

bring important data to life

Start processing your unstructured data the right way, and reveal the story behind the complexity. Provide your teams with clarity over how they handle data. And begin making more informed decisions with the power of Looker’s visualisations.

an easy set-up for all teams

Enable your teams to build and work with user-friendly Looker dashboards. Simply drag-and-drop data into the compelling visualisations that matter most to your business. Whether your teams are tech-savvy or not, won’t matter.

connect all your data sources

Start making use of a broader range of data sources with Looker, including: Google Ads, Linkedin, Hubspot, Magento, and many more. Also, seamlessly merge and report on data sets without the need to build complex middle tiers.

spot hidden trends

Uncover trends you never knew were there. We help you harvest more of these insights, so you can take quick, decisive, data-driven action. Gain an edge on your competition with Looker, and drive greater operational efficiency and growth.

Maximise your ROI

Looker’s offerings and pricing are flexible, but not cheap – despite being one of the most affordable data visualisation tools on the market. So we work with you to optimise your plan and maximise your return on investment.

Looker consultancy

The Ipsos Jarmany Approach
To Looker Consultancy

Here at Ipsos Jarmany, we’re committed to providing expert consulting services and data management in the UK and across Europe. From our London HQ, we’ve built a team that includes data scientists, analysts, technicians, and platform architects.

We draw from a diverse pool of infrastructure, platforms and tools – including Looker – to support your goals and develop outcome-driven insights with programmes that help you grow your business. In short, we work with you to ensure that Looker produces the best possible outcomes from your data.

Unlike other consultancies, our support can come in numerous forms. That includes outsourced expertise for your existing Looker environment, or the deployment of a team who embed themselves within your organisation to ensure long-term success.

By helping you understand Looker’s extensive data preparation tools, we’ll support the creation of a scalable, robust system that allows your business to:

  • Understand the story behind your data
  • Spot key industry trends
  • Make truly data-driven decisions
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Working with Us

Our experience with Looker covers all aspects of deployment, from leveraging Looker’s
leading visualisation interface to building data models.

Advice and expertise

We’ll listen to your challenges and be upfront and honest about what you need and the steps required.

One source of truth

We’ll hit the ground running so you have confidence in the insights you're extracting from your data instantly.

Drive outcomes

Everything we build is geared towards tangible benefits, which is why we focus on results and delivering impact.

Start The conversation today

We help you reduce in-house Looker training, plus we’ll show you how to start getting the most out of your data from day one.

We’ll tailor a solution to you and your business.