Microsoft Azure Consultancy

At Jarmany we’ve built a fantastic team of data analysts and data scientists with extensive experience of deploying analytics solutions using Microsoft Azure. If your business handles data and services at scale, Jarmany can provide the professional strategic support services you require.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft's comprehensive suite of cloud-based data and service applications. Using Azure can help you scale your business whilst saving money. The pay-as-you-go pricing model means you only pay for what you use. Azure can straddle internal and Internet-based networks, providing seamless integration. 

Why Azure for your business?

Built on Microsoft's tried, tested and standards-compliant platform, Azure allows you to deploy the apps and services you need to grow your business. 

Using database platforms including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Postgres, you can manage data and query at lightning speed, paying for only the processing power you actually use. 

Microsoft's commitment to supporting open source code and services means you can bring the code you already own and deploy on Azure. 

Using tools such as Microsoft Power BI you can create visualisations which will help you understand your data, spot trends and predict the future. 

The Jarmany Azure consultancy team

Jarmany's Azure consultancy team has been built from the ground up to bring Azure expertise to your business in a flexible, affordable way. 

We provide the in-depth knowledge and experience that will help you to deploy services on the Azure platform quickly and with maximum future proofing. 

Start your Azure conversation

With Jarmany on your team you are closer than ever to conquering your data and services and saving money with Microsoft Azure. 

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