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With Microsoft Power BI, you can visualise your data just the way you need it, allowing your teams to drill deeper and understand what's going on beneath the surface. At Jarmany we’ve built a first-class team of Microsoft Power BI consultants that can help you leverage your existing data to drive your business forward.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business information tool from Microsoft that helps teams manage their data from an easy-to-use, modern dashboard.

Instead of grappling with charts and graphs from Excel, Power BI creates beautiful visualisations of data which can update in real time. You can drill down to different levels and even compare historical data.

Why Power BI for your business?

“We believe that one of the biggest advantages of Power Bi is the ease at which it can connect to multiple data sources, enabling us to create highly detailed and sophisticated reports. As part of the Microsoft product suite this tool is incredibly user friendly.”

Power BI replaces the spreadsheets and disparate data sources that tend to multiply across an organisation as it grows larger.

It can connect seamlessly to many different data sources, including relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, unstructured data such as documents and emails and many others.

At Jarmany, we can work with any data platform and have specific proficiency in Microsoft SQL Server, Google Big Query and AWS.

Using your data sources, we develop automated data-cleaning and merging processes, to ensure you get high-quality, high-integrity data at all times.

From this “single source of truth”, we build automation models and dashboards that meet your business intelligence and management needs.

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The Jarmany Power BI consultancy team

At Jarmany we have assembled some of the most experienced Power BI consultants in the UK or Europe. From our HQ in London, we can supply an outsourced Power BI team or integrate into your existing in-house IT team, working alongside you to provide seamless expertise at a very competitive cost.

Competence and compliance

As a Microsoft Gold Data Platform partner and Microsoft Gold Data Analytics partner, we’re recognised as being field leaders in the BI platform. Please visit our Microsoft Partner page for more information: Microsoft Solution Providers

The Jarmany team will comply with your existing data strategy and data governance guidelines.

Our approach

We start by meeting with your main stakeholders. Our consultants will come in to lift the lid on how your data is sourced, managed and used. We'll then show you how we can visualise your data.

We'll pull together our sharpest minds to build a team that’s right for your business.

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