Qlik Consultancy

Jarmany is a leading UK data analytics consultancy, experienced in the implementation of data visualisation tools including Qlik. We can help you leverage the power of Qlik to consolidate and view your data.

What is Qlik?

Qlik is a widely adopted data consolidation and visualisation tool. It helps businesses to merge and manage huge, disparate data sets and surface vital management information to assist with data-driven decision-making. 

Qlik competes in the same market as visualisation products such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

Why Qlik for your business?

Qlik is fast to deploy and not dependent on any centralised IT infrastructure. For this reason, Qlik is often deployed by departments looking to understand their data, without the need for expensive, business-wide IT projects. 

Qlik makes it easy for managers and teams to feel confident about making decisions based on data they can trust. This together with the

With Qlik Sense we can help you create interactive reports and dashboards with stunning charts and graphs.

The Jarmany Qlik consultancy team

Jarmany has built a team of experienced consultants and analysts with extensive experience of data visualisation tools including Qlik.

We can either build from scratch or support your existing Qlik environment with support to stakeholders to get the maximum from it. 

Using Qlik's data preparation tools, we'll build a scalable, robust system which enables your business to spot trends and move quickly towards true data-driven decision-making. 

Start your Qlik conversation

With Jarmany on your team you are closer than ever to visualising your data with Qlik.

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