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Jarmany is a leading UK data analytics consultancy, experienced in the implementation of data visualisation tools including Tableau. We can help you leverage the power of Tableau to consolidate and view your data.

What is Tableau?

“Tableau helps people and organizations become more data-driven with the most beloved modern analytics platform in the world.”
Tableau 2021

Tableau is a trusted, market-leading data analytics solution. It is comprised of a suite of data analysis and visualisation tools that can help businesses of any size to take control of their data, make quick, data-driven decisions, spot trends and predict the future.

From efficient data preparation tools to end-to-end analysis and flexible presentation of the analysed data, Tableau can operate on data sets of any size.

With Tableau, leading-edge security is baked in, so your data and your customers' data is fully protected. Tableau can be used either on the desktop, the web or mobile.

Given Jarmany’s mission to help businesses become more agile and data-driven, Tableau is the perfect platform to build upon.

We like working with Tableau because it enables us to manipulate very large datasets, and it gives us the freedom to provide highly customisable visuals.

Why Tableau for your business?

The beauty of Tableau is in its flexibility and ease of use. Like its competitors, Tableau offers visualisation tools that can be used by the majority of users with minimal training, leaving them more time to decipher the insights.

Data sources

Tableau is compatible with a wide range of data sources. Whether your data is housed in SQL Server or cloud apps such as Google Analytics or Salesforce, Tableau can seamlessly merge and report on the complete data set without the need to build complex middle tiers. It's the easiest way to tame big data sets.

Trend-spotting and predictions

Tableau's key strength is its ability to help uncover trends in your data so that you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Cost-saving and predictability

Tableau is one of the most affordable professional data analysis solutions on the market, with a predictable and transparent cost-per-user-month structure

The Jarmany Tableau consultancy team

Jarmany provides expert Tableau consulting services in the UK and across Europe.

From our HQ in London, we have built a team of data scientists and analysts with extensive experience of all the major data visualisation tools including Tableau. As such we are one of the leading Tableau consultancy companies in the UK today.

We can either provide and deploy a team to work within your organisation or support your existing Tableau environment with outsourced expertise.

Using Tableau’s data preparation tools, we'll build a scalable, robust system which enables your business to spot trends and move quickly towards true data-driven decision-making.

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