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At Ipsos Jarmany, we specialise in providing cutting-edge Tableau consulting services that can help you utilise your business data.

Unlock Data Insights
with Ipsos Jarmany’s Tableau consulting

As data analytics consultants, we provide the knowledge and experience you need to utilise sophisticated data visualisation tools like Tableau. We’ll work with you to ensure your business can benefit from the full functionality Tableau has to offer.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a market-leading data analytics solution that makes it easier to understand data and uncover actionable insights.

Comprising a suite of analysis and visualisation tools, Tableau software can operate on data sets of any size with efficient data preparation and end-to-end analysis. Effective deployment allows you to take control of your data, make data-driven decisions and identify long-term trends.

With our consulting services, you can unlock the very best of Tableau, maximising the impact of your investment and unleashing the power of data.

Tableau helps people and organisations become more data-driven with the most beloved modern analytics platform in the world.”

Tableau · 2021

Our Tableau consulting services

can help you

By working with Ipsos Jarmany’s expert team of data scientists and analysts, your business can enjoy all the capabilities that Tableau has to offer without extensive classroom training. As a result, you can reap the numerous benefits Tableau provides, including:

Remarkable visualisations

Top of Tableau’s benefits is its robust visualisation capabilities. We can help you use the platform to convert unstructured data into comprehensive logical results that are displayed in easily digestible graphics.

Ease of use

Our team can help you build and work with user-friendly Tableau dashboards, allowing non-dev users to easily utilise its basic functionality by simply dragging and dropping data into compelling visualisations.


We’re here to help you utilise the compatibility Tableau offers with a range of data sources, ensuring you can seamlessly merge and report on data sets without needing to build complex middle tiers.

Make predictions

A core strength of Tableau is its ability to uncover trends embedded within data. Our consulting services enable enhanced business intelligence and simplify the process of making high-level data-driven decisions.


Tableau’s predictable and transparent cost-per-user-month structure makes it one of the most affordable data visualisation tools on the market, and by working with us you can ensure you obtain significant ROI.

The Ipsos Jarmany approach
to Tableau consultancy

Here at Ipsos Jarmany, we’re committed to providing expert consulting services and data management in the UK and across the rest of Europe. From our London HQ, we’ve built a team that includes data scientists, analysts, technicians and platform architects. We draw from a diverse pool of infrastructure, platforms and tools, including Tableau, to support your goals and develop outcome-driven insights programmes that help you grow your business. In short, we can work with you to ensure that Tableau produces the outcomes you want from your data. Unlike other consultancies, our support can come in numerous forms. That includes outsourced expertise for your existing Tableau environment, or the deployment of a team who embed themselves within your organisation to ensure long-term success.

By helping you understand Tableau’s extensive data preparation tools, we’ll support the creation of a scalable, robust system that allows your business to:

  • Understand the story behind your data
  • Spot key industry trends
  • Make truly data-driven decisions
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Working with Ipsos Jarmany

Our experience with Tableau covers all aspects of deployment, from leveraging Tableau’s leading visualisation interface to building data models.

Advice and expertise

We’ll listen to your challenges and be upfront and honest about what you need and the steps required.

One source of truth

We’ll hit the ground running so you have confidence in the insights you're extracting from your data instantly.

Drive outcomes

Everything we build is geared towards tangible benefits, which is why we focus on results and delivering impact.

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