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At Ipsos Jarmany, we take pride in providing high-quality web scraping consultancy services to our clients. We collaborate with businesses to enhance their understanding of performance across third-party retailers, offering deeper and more comprehensive insights.

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Ipsos Jarmany’s Web Scraping Services

As consultants in data and business analytics, we offer the knowledge and skills to assist you in acquiring more profound insights into the performance of your products across third-party retailers. Our team works closely with you so you can start gaining the right insights, from the right websites to give you a well-rounded view of your performance.

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What is Web Data Scraping?

Web Scraping is a technique used to automate the extraction of data from websites. It involves the development of programming scripts, using tools such as Python, which then triggers a virtual machine that crawls the webpage HTML to extract the required information.

The information is scraped from the site and can then be converted into a dashboarding tool, such as Excel or Power BI, so you can easily digest and analyse the insights.

Web data scraping allows you to obtain information on your share of voice, product placement, reviews, ratings, price, promotions and more, as well as benchmarking you vs your competitors. This enables you to understand what optimisations you can make in order to improve the customer journey and increase sales.

With web scraping, you can gather a holistic view of your performance across third-party sites, as well as gain an understanding of your competitor’s performance. 

Different types of web scraping include:

  • Product listing page (PLP) scraping
  • Product description page (PDP) scraping
  • Search scraping
  • Filter scraping
  • Banner scraping

How Ipsos Jarmany’s Web Scraping Services

Can Help You

Web scraping is vital if you’re operating through multiple indirect channels, such as third-party retailers and affiliate sites. Our web scraping services can support you with:

Deeper Product Performance Insights

Gain a holistic view of your product performance across multiple retailers, with insights around placement, share of voice, promotions, reviews, ratings and more.

Enhanced Brand Monitoring

Leverage web scraping technologies to gain insights into brand perception and sentiment by monitoring mentions of your brand across web, social and other platforms.

Greater Competitor Visibility

Take your product performance insights one step further by monitoring and scraping your competitor's metrics, allowing for meaningful performance comparisons.

Save Time and Money

Our web scraping services enable automated insights, reducing the need for manual checks so you can scale-up your insights whilst scaling back on time and internal resource.

Global Scalability

Through our Python APIs, we have the capability to scrape a multitude of websites across numerous categories and languages, enabling you to attain truly global insights.

Our Web Scraping
Consultancy Process

At Ipsos Jarmany, our team includes experts in script writing, scraping and performance analytics who can help you gain elevated insights through web scraping technologies with minimum disruption.

First, our web scraping analysts work with you to understand what insights are important to you, identify key performance indicators (KPIs), determine the frequency of web scraping (e.g daily or weekly), and assess whether your web scraping needs span various categories and retailers at a local or global level.

We have experience supporting some of the largest organisations in the world with our web scraping capabilities. Our tried and tested process includes:

  • Creating bespoke scripts based on your requirements and KPIs
  • Extracting and hosting scraped web data
  • Converting into a format, such as Power BI, for enhanced performance visualisation
  • Breaking down performance by brand level, skew, page and KPI score

Working with Ipsos Jarmany

As experienced web scraping consultants, we understand that it’s not just about what we can help you
with — it’s about how we provide that help.

One source of truth

We lift the lid on how your data is sourced, managed and used, and bring your data together in one place.

Tailored advice

Every business is different. We listen to your challenges and your needs to understand the best solution for you.


We’re focused on hitting the ground running so we deliver real results and outcomes from day one.

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