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When software alone is rarely the answer

We’re sorry, there’s no silver bullet you can buy from a software vendor. But there is another way…

Buying software seems the obvious solution

So you want to be a data driven organisation. You’ve read the hype all over the internet and in print. A few others in your organisation even share your enthusiasm.  Finally, you are ready to make your first move.

Next you pick up the phone, arrange meetings with software vendors or tech integrators, and it feels like the end is in sight…right?

It makes perfect sense, but wrong

Of course, you absolutely do need software and systems. Technology is after all the enabler. Without the software, storage and processing power, analysing your ‘big’ data simply isn’t possible. But bear in mind, technology is just a tool. A means to an end. You don’t put some keys and screwdriver on the floor and expect it to build your IKEA flat-pack wardrobes for you. Data is the same.

Our advice is don’t start meeting vendors or resellers without a clear understanding of what you hope the solution will eventually achieve. Get the right people involved and be clear about the benefits and payoff. Run a small scale pilot if you can.

Preparation and scoping is vital. The other equally important part of the puzzle is human beings. If you have no data experts or data scientists in the building, then who are you expecting to be able to use the software? You? A colleague? If so, will either of you have time to be trained and take on the extra workload?

Software companies, resellers and integrators all love to show you how intuitive their front-end systems are. They will tell you how anyone could run a string of variables that pinpoint the 16 factors that lead to a customer defecting to a competitor. But then they would wouldn’t they — seeing as they make money out of selling software?

There is a better way…

Unless you’ve got time, a bit of tech knowledge and intent, you’re better off having data as a service. This is why we are completely software agnostic at Ipsos Jarmany. We can use it all on your behalf, and don’t sell products or platforms. Doesn’t that sound like a better proposition?

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