What services do Ipsos Jarmany offer?

At Ipsos Jarmany, we offer a wide array of data services across digital, operations and marketing to help meet the broad needs of our clients. These data services sit within the following capabilities:

  • Data Strategy – we will work with you to uncover the current status with your data, developing a solution and clear path to ensure you’re able to meet the outlined objectives, alongside the expected benefits of our suggestions.
  • Data Platforms – The tools and technology we use are driven by your requirements. So, whether you use Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, we can provide advice on the best platform for your business and needs.
  • Data Science – our data scientists are able to build AI solutions using Machine Learning techniques to help you track and predict consumer behaviour. These models will allow you to react instantly when you are impacted by changing commercial factors.
  • Data People – Are you suffering from a lack of specialist data skills in house? Or do you need to quickly upscale your existing analytics team? We can help. From data scientists to solution architects, we regularly supply our customers with the people they need.

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