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Power BI tips & tricks

Make sure you’re spending time developing the front end of your Power BI report – you’ll get much more out of your data.

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Four key features of Power BI

Senior Analyst Andrew Walters takes us through how you can use Power BI to achieve the optimum reporting solution for your data needs.

The Rise of Data Visualisation

How best to visualise an ever growing influx of business information? Senior Analyst Kiran Shirdhar looks at the benefits of Power BI.

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Visual impairment

We’re on the verge of a blindness epidemic – AI could come to its rescue.

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Women in data

Increasing the diversity within a company means new opinions, the challenging of ideas and often a better outcome.

Can analytics change the way we play sport?

Whether it be the recruitment of players, the management of the team or developing young prospects, data analytics offers a base for understanding sports at a greater level.

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What is a growth mindset?

For those with a growth mindset the focus is on disciplined practise, constant self-evaluation and a belief that they can always get better.