E-Commerce Optimisation

Organisations are lacking true visibility of whether their products are being accurately presented on partners websites and whether their marketing investments are getting the expected ROI.

Our E-commerce optimisation tools can put that information in your hand.

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Your challenge

A lack of visibility of how your e-commerce marketing investments are performing both in compliance and results terms

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Our solution

Web crawling robots that can look for data points that include products descriptions, images, search results and reviews for you and your competitors

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Commercial benefits

Enable you to make marketing investments based on real data points resulting in better ROI




Of organisations using AI for digital commerce will achieve at least a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction by 2023

Is the expected total of e-commerce sales vs non e-commerce in 2020, this is up by nearly 6% points from 2019, in the US it is up by 18% points

Conversion rates can be at least doubled by applying our optimised solution

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  • You lack true visibility of whether your products and services are being accurately presented on your partners websites
  • Trying to track this data has become a resource heavy manual process
  • You feel that the investments you are making aren’t underpinned by accurate data
  • You don’t have an understanding of how your performance compares to that of your competitors
  • You cannot see any historical trends so you can’t measure current versus past performance
  • You feel that your negotiating position lacks credibility
  • You have no way of presenting this performance easily and accurately to your wider teams and management
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  • Web scraping robots (known as spiders) are given a start page and they follow a set of rules to investigate all relevant links and pull information from every page
  • The crawlers are then deployed to the cloud where they are given a frequency to run at to gather the data and upload it into a NoSQL database.  From there we clean, join and analyse the data and provide it to you in a specific format, be it raw csv or a dashboard designed to suit your needs
  • Those data points include: Product descriptions, Images, Price, Rich Media Content, Search Results, Banners, Links, Ratings, Reviews and more
  • We also take it one step further and use this data to create machine learning models that help with sentiment analysis or use advanced analytics to make further recommendations
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  • Informed investments; make marketing investments based on real data points
  • Increased market share; by focusing on the things that matter to your business this set of activities will deliver market share gains
  • A deeper understanding of competitors; understand how your competitors are performing across retail and search will give you an understanding of where the opportunities are
  • Content; get control of your product listings, product reviews and pricing that delivers both quality control and competitive pricing
  • Analytics; build statistical models to plan ahead and drive improved share of voice and ROI


With Jarmany on your team you are closer than ever to improving your performance with E-commerce Optimisation.

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