Digital analytics

At Jarmany, we’re committed to being the best we can be when it comes to understanding the potential behind data platforms and data visualisation systems. Whether you need expert consultancy on Microsoft Power BI, Azure, AWS, Jarmany can help.

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Power BI is a business information tool from Microsoft that helps teams manage their data in an easy to use modern dashboard.

Instead of grappling with charts and graphs from Excel, Power BI creates beautiful visualisations of data which can update in real time. You can drill down to different levels and even compare historical data.

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Amazon Web Services is Amazon’s suite of secure, robust cloud services, used by thousands of businesses around the world.

With the power of AWS, combined with the expertise of Jarmany, you can harness the power of data. 

Now your management team can focus on the big picture, knowing that clean, secure data is underpinning management decisions.

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